“My riding school suddenly became a battlefield”: farmer Raphaël responds to a difficult situation in ‘Boer seeks woman’ (Gooik)

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Drama on the farm of Raphaël (26) in ‘Farmer seeks woman’. Now that the farmer seems to have a preference, two ladies have decided to pack their bags. The situation was so awkward that presenter Dina Tersago even had to intervene. In ‘TV Familie’ farmer Raphaël responds to the tensions.

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Yesterday at 07:58

Jolyn and Katrijn clearly cannot laugh at the fact that farmer Raphaël seems to have a preference for Jasha. When they suspected that he had spent the night with her, they decided to pack their bags and wanted to go home. What followed was a group discussion with Dina Tersago to calm things down.

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In TV Family the farmer himself now reacts to what happened then and what we can expect from the next episode. “It will all explode. I can’t deny that, because you’ve already seen that in that preview,” he says. “Yes, it will be very intense.”

According to Raphaël, things get completely out of hand that same evening. “Jealousy seriously takes the upper hand and my riding school suddenly became a battlefield. Which I still deeply regret. I think we are all mature enough to post things.”

Whether the ladies are really going home, we will only know in the new episode of next Sunday.