My Save enters the community market, prepares to be on the podium The number one “convenience store” in the country

My Save enters the community market, prepares to be on the podium The number one “convenience store” in the country

Mr. Abhisit Saehor, Senior Director of Business Development, said that at present, My Save, a convenience store franchise for the community, has more than 5,000 franchises nationwide. count as a franchise which has the most branches at this time and is the center of transportation companies and financial transaction services Including all types of online ticket sales services such as train tickets, tour bus tickets or concert tickets. All can be made at My Save. The strength of being a franchise owner of My Save is that the franchisee can manage through a single mobile phone with the aim of being a convenience store for the community and having branches covered. most of the country

My Save’s smart program is an important tool for managing the country’s leading transport companies to My Save, such as Thailand Post, Flash Express, SCG Express, DHL, Aramex, Bee Express, and other leading transport companies. to meet the needs of customers This allows users to compare prices and services for each transport. At the same time, My Save also serves as an intermediary between the transport company and its customers. At the same time, the recipient can also conveniently pick up the parcel at My Save. Completely reduce the problem of employees sending parcels and the recipient is not at home.

My Save is also a center for financial transactions such as paying bills, topping up, buying tickets online such as train tickets, tour buses or concert tickets, and in the near future, just come to My Save and you can apply for a loan as well. Comprehensive services make My Save a convenience store franchise for the community. that can be opened with the main business such as coffee shops, grocery stores, etc. or even online stores can be the owners of My Save franchises, while those who want to open a My Save store to be the center of convenience stores for the community It’s not difficult to do because My Save offers both free shop design services. including organizing training that the franchisee does not have to pay any additional fees

My Save franchises have grown through after-sales service and ongoing care for franchise owners. My Save focuses on customer care after a franchise has been purchased. By bringing in the program, which is the exclusive license of My Save, helps franchise owners to manage everything through a single smartphone, even printing a parcel cover sheet or a receipt can be connected from the office. Smartphones and Bluetooth printers are easily mobile.

with such convenience This makes owning a My Save franchise doesn’t require a large initial investment, no space constraints because My Save is continuously managed with a shipping company, and once the franchise is bought, you don’t have to worry about it. Left in the middle of the road because My Save offers free training in using the My Save program as well as training to increase the potential of franchise owners in local marketing. Which is free as well and when the system has a problem, there will be staff from My Save to consult immediately as well.

My Save is a franchise of convenience stores with Thai nationality. That understands the needs of Thai people who want to do franchise business, proven by branches covering all over the country, and My Save continues to develop to be a convenience store continually with financial transaction services that My Save has provided to the community. fully integrated If interested in owning a franchise at a price you can afford. You can see more details at or Facebook Get to know more about My Save