My son is almost blind from mold in the toy!

Invisible mold in the toy

Little Baylor Strong from USA played with dirty bath toys. Both eyes were severely inflamed and he was even threatened with going blind. His mother Eden Strong had always cleaned his toys before. With the publication of Baylor’s story, she wants to warn other parents

Chlorine bleach was not enough for cleaning

Little Baylor Strong likes to play with rubber ducks and other water toys in the bathtub. After the bath, his mother, Eden Strong, squeezed out the toys to prevent mold from forming inside. “So I squeezed them out after every single bath and cleaned them with a water-bleach solution every couple of weeks. Before using them, I held them up to the light to check for mold inside “describes the American in a Facebook post.

But apparently this procedure was not enough. At the beginning of the year, little Baylor splashed water in his eye with one of the toys. His eye was then infected. From the water pressure, his mother Eden suspected – after all, she’d cleaned the toy.

Doctors initially fail to find the trigger

To be on the safe side, they went to a hospital and the doctor on site also suspects the water pressure to be the trigger for the clearly reddened eye. But the eye drops and a night of sleep only make Baylor’s situation worse. The next morning his eyes were badly swollen and even his cheeks were noticeably red.

It is not until the next visit to the hospital that it becomes clear that a bacterial infection is to blame for the severe inflammation. The little boy is treated with antibiotics and a CT scan makes sure his eye is not permanently damaged. “Thank God he has not lost his sight,” writes the American about her son’s healing.

Eden Strong shares her story to warn other parents: “Throw out the bath toy! You can’t clean it properly. I can’t show you any moldy pictures because the bacteria were never visible.”


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