My son was left without a dad thanks to this man

Relatives and close friends of Franco Moreyra, the young man who was shot dead by a retiree who wanted to rob him of his house in Quilmes, were present last night at the house where Jorge Adolfo Ríos, 71, where he is serving house arrest, to ask for justice.

“My son was left without a father thanks to this man. I am the mother of the son, you talk bullshit,” a woman on the A24 cell phone who was at the door of the house of the 71-year-old retiree, Adolfo, yelled Rivers, where the event happened, within hours of being granted house arrest.

“Show your face, get them out. I had no reason to go out and kill my uncle,” said another woman. The thief’s relatives were outraged by the media and asked “to tell the reality of what happened”, but they did not want to offer their version.

On Friday morning, beaten and tortured by five criminals at his home, Jorge Adolfo Ríos took his pistol and left his home. They had robbed him three times in the same night.

The thieves were escaping through the roofs of their neighbors when one of them fell 60 meters away. In a video that was released yesterday afternoon, Moreyra is seen to flee on foot with severe difficulty running due to a gunshot wound to the right leg. Ríos approached the man who had attacked him minutes before and reached him when he was on the ground. The young man died there with a shot to the chest. He was 26 years old and a member of Quilmes’ barrabrava, as were his accomplices, according to investigators, who caught one of them.

On the other hand, a second accused who was wanted as one of the participants in the robbery turned himself in today, so there are now two suspected fugitives, police sources reported. This is a 27-year-old young man identified by sources as “NN Salto”, who was brought to justice after a series of raids and procedures carried out by the Quilmes Departmental Delegation of Investigations (DDI) in the town of Los Alamos, from that southern suburban party.



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