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My time at Portia Review (PS4)

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My Time At Portia is a charming life simulation game that revolves around your new life and conducts a workshop in the post-apocalyptic city of Portia. Unlike most of these settings, Portia is filled with vivid colors and happy inhabitants. However, the city still bears the scars of the apocalyptic event that shook the world. Humanity has recently moved from the underground bunkers to the grassy areas above, and there are always small memories of dialogue and scenery.

After a detailed character customization menu, your character arrives in Portia to restore her father's workshop. The city desperately needs your skills to rebuild, and after receiving the building permit, you can take commissions. Building itself is easy and requires collecting components to make things out of. With the craft bench outside your workshop, collected materials can be turned into furniture and other useful household items. For more serious work, use the assembly station to build bridges, stone kilns, and other workshop staples to enhance your building capabilities.

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In your trusted assembly booklet, you'll find useful diagrams that show which crafting materials you need for each job and how you can find them. Once your construction skills have improved, you can build more advanced facilities and structures. The ability to refer to the assembly instructions and remember the elements you need is a salvation as the game's building schemes become more complex.

Most items are easy to find in the city and the surrounding fields, but obtaining some important crafting materials requires extreme measures. Caves and ruins allow for mining and sometimes this method is the only way to collect certain rocks and ores that are essential to many of the more complex schemes. If you are lucky, you can also find relics between the ruins. These remnants of the ancient world can be used in various ways. For example, you can decorate your room with these items, increasing your character statically. The collection of all related relics also leads to some nice surprises.

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Back in town, residents will set commissions on the billboard in the Portia Commerce Guild. The collected materials are used to make the most needed items. By completing tasks, you not only earn money, because building objects for residents is the best way to strengthen relationships and gain experience.

The residents range from doctors to farm boys and merchants. Friendships are strengthened through regular interaction, gifts of residents and mini-games with them. If you maximize your attachment to a specific resident, you can opt out of marriage. Depending on who you tie the knot with, you may receive discounts and extra hands in certain stores to help you in your workshop.

However, it takes time to build relationships, and you can easily undo the preliminary work that you took with a wrong step. A certain mechanic can be a bit frustrating because you may be able to give gifts to your new friends. However, there is little indication as to which gifts fit each recipient, and if you give someone an item they do not like, you lose relationship points, which means you need to rebuild that friendship.

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The narrative itself is fueled by the construction and connection of the central hub with the previously inaccessible islands, opening the history and history of Portia. Build a bridge to the next island and you may find yourself on an abandoned mine, ripe with rare rocks and ores that you urgently need. Trees in different regions can bear different fruits, and without advancing the narrative to explore these regions, you can limit your building abilities. Although the narrative is a relatively backward approach, the main story is still there to teach you how to tutor and find another way if you do not find the right material for specific jobs or just want to explore the world.


Fortunately, the more time you spend in Portia, the more the world rewards you. The game is effortlessly simple, but is characterized by almost everything it wants to achieve. It's one of the most relaxing indie-life simulation games, yet it offers plenty of adventure and addictive ways to thrill you. My Time At Portia is a completely new twist on the post-apocalyptic experience and is alive, relaxing and full of charm.


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