My Time at Sandrock, a sequel to My Time at Portia, is seeking funding on Kickstarter

Pathea Games, creators of My Time at Portia, today announced the sequel of this title of construction and social management: it is about My Time at Sandrock, a game that originally intended to be downloadable content for the former but that little by little has gained its own entity in the studio until they have decided to release it as an independent title for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch y PC.

The game is currently in the process of search for financing through crowdfunding. The developers have opened a project on Kickstarter in which they intend to raise 100,000 dollars, which in turn stays in 84.504 euros in Spain. At the time of writing these lines they carry more than 6000 euros in the absence of 27 days until the end of the financing campaign. Its intention is to release a version in early access on PC in March 2021 via Steam, and the full PC game in spring 2022. The console version will arrive in the summer, just after the PC version.

New city, new characters, new story

As you can imagine from its name, My Time at Sandrock takes us to a new setting away from Portia: a desert region where water is a precious commodity and enemy inhabitants will fight for it. There an open narrative will be established as in the first game of this franchise, where we will have to build relationships with characters, manage our farm, fight enemies All in order to restore Sandrock to its original glory.

In our analysis of the previous installment we said of My Time at Portia It must “please those who prefer to play very slowly. 3D gives it a different air, although not necessarily better, and part of what they gain in immersion and showiness when decorating the workshop is lost in vision during the workshop. collection of resources. It’s a huge and entertaining game, but its questionable pace isn’t for everyone“.



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