“My uncle needs vital medicine”: relatives of a businessman kidnapped in Pailitas, Cesar

On December 29, businessman Gabriel Angel Rincon Serrano was travelling with his wife and the son of the manager of his farm between Tamalameque and Pailitas, Cesar, in the village of Tutumito near the township of Zapatosa, when four heavily armed men took him out of the car and kidnapped him.

Rincón Serrano, 75, requires daily vital medication. For this reason, Carlos Rincón Sarmiento, Executive Director of the Santander Cattlemen’s Federation, and who is the nephew of the kidnapped businessman, wanted to send a message to the men who have deprived him of his freedom.

“He is an insulin-dependent patient and has hypertension, he needs to take his daily dose of insulin and his medication for his blood pressure, this is our main concern right now,” he said. Carlos Rincón reported that the drugs his uncle takes are insulin from an injectable pen (1 daily dose), valsartan 80 mg. (half in the morning and half at night) and 0.05% latanoprost for glaucoma management.

“We are praying and doing everything possible to bring about the release of our uncle. We have faith in God and in all the institutions of the public force. I want to remind the captors that Gabriel Rincón has been a hard-working, very correct and very neat person who has generated progress and dynamism in the livestock and palm oil sector in the Pailitas area, and we ask for his prompt release because he is an elderly person,” said the executive director of the Santander Cattlemen’s Federation.

This is the second time this family has been affected by kidnapping. In 2000, Joel Rincon, elected mayor of Pailitas, was kidnapped and murdered in the area.

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My Uncle Needs Vital Medicine: Relatives of a Businessman Kidnapped in Pailitas, Cesar

It has been over a month since my uncle, a successful businessman from Pailitas, Cesar, was kidnapped by a group of armed men. The kidnappers have demanded a large sum of money for his release, and we are still struggling to come up with the funds. In the meantime, my uncle’s health is rapidly deteriorating, and he desperately needs vital medicine to survive.

My uncle has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, and he needs to take medication every day to stay alive. Unfortunately, the kidnappers are refusing to provide him with the medicine, and his condition is getting worse by the day. We are doing all we can to raise the money for his release, but it is proving to be a difficult task.

We are appealing to the public for help in raising the funds for my uncle’s release. We understand the difficult situation we are in, and we are doing our best to find a way out of it. Any donations, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated.

We are also asking for the kidnappers to show some mercy and provide my uncle with the vital medicine he needs. We understand that they are trying to get the money they are demanding, but we are hoping they will see the humanity in this situation and provide the necessary medication.

We are desperate to get my uncle back home safe and sound, and we are hoping that the public can help us in our time of need. Any donations, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated. We are also hoping that the kidnappers will show some mercy and provide my uncle with the vital medicine he needs. Thank you for your support.