My wife says that I woke up saying stupid things and they interned me

After six days of hospitalization (five in therapy, of which three was on respiratory assistance), Samuel Chiche Gelblung was discharged from the Sanatorio de los Arcos. Within hours of arriving at his home, the 76-year-old journalist spoke of his state of health and the reaction of his wife, Cristina Seoane, the day he decided to admit him to the health center in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo with a sepsis chart. and pneumonia.

“I do not remember anything. I do not remember that I woke up. My wife told me that I woke up half saying bullshit, and well, I was admitted there,” the driver said this Wednesday morning in dialogue with Luis Novaresio in his radio show Network.

“It is also not unusual. Nor is it anything that can be confused. My wife is used to it, ”added Chiche with humor.

A week ago the journalist vanished at his home and had to be transferred urgently. Then hours of uncertainty began. Due to the high fever, it was speculated that he had a coronavirus, even though he had no other symptoms, but it was ruled out after a swab. As a preventive measure Chronicle HD had ordered the isolation of the entire team of Chiche 2020, airing an emergency schedule. Upon learning that the journalist had no covid-19, he returned to routine. The version of an ACV, soon denied, also circulated.

The next day, doctors reported that Chiche had an infection in one leg. Although the electrocardiogram and an MRI had yielded favorable results, they were cautious: the driver was “stable, in a delicate health condition”, and was assisted by a respirator.

“I am barbaric,” he assured and explained that although he did not specify how long he should remain at rest, he maintained: “Tomorrow I have some activities.”

Regarding the different versions that circulated about his health, he said: “From bed, I watched television and they said it was serious … the news circulated and caused shock. I don’t know why all the bard. I wasn’t going to call, but it was funny. It was a kind of national impact. “” I know that people feel affection, but I never thought it would generate that, “he said, adding that even prayer chains were put together.

“I am a barbarian, honestly,” he later emphasized. “I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t go out at night. I’m a drunk. My only vice is work,” concluded the driver..

Later, the driver provided a note on Chronicle HD and assured: “Here I am, healthy, alive and kicking.” “On Monday at the latest I will be working,” he said.


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