My wife’s ex is threatening us with murder!

The family of our legendary weightlifter Neno Terziyski has been living in constant nightmare, fear and stress for nearly two years. The three-time world champion himself admitted this to “Match Telegraph”. Neno was the world champion in Moscow 1983, Södertal 1985 and Ostrava 1987. He also has four European titles and fourth place at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics.

Later, Neno was an assistant coach in the national team, first to Ivan Abadjiev, and then to Plamen Asparuhov before taking the helm of the team himself in the period 2005-2007.

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For many years, Terziyski has had a shop for coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and confectionery in Mladost district 1A in Sofia, where he still operates today. The 58-year-old legendary weightlifter talked about the nightmare period in his life.

“Two years ago, my wife Petya and I broke up and she went to live with another man. Her name is Angel Sotirov, 39 years old. However, very quickly Petya realized her mistake and decided to leave him because she was abused. First she went to live with our eldest daughter Alyssa, then in an apartment, and finally we decided to get together and be together again. However, the man she broke up with made our life hell – constant persecution, threats and insults to my wife, insults to our children. Many times we have found our car tires slashed…

The last to be targeted was our shop which was broken into. We have sent dozens of complaints to the police, they arrested him, but then quickly let him go. There’s camera footage, there’s a restraining order against my wife, but he’s not obeying it. And apparently the more impunity he feels, the braver he becomes,” said Neno Terziyski.

“One of the most striking cases was the one in front of the Universiade hall, when he spotted my wife’s car and started choking her. She drove off and dragged him, and finally called Alyssa’s friend to come and help her. He threatened my wife and the children, that he will kill them, pour acid on them. He wants money from my wife, claims that she owed it to him… There are days when he calls 200 times on the phone. The harassment is great! He says: This will end when and where I choose! I am afraid how my daughters Alice and Melinda and my wife will come home in the evening, and how they will go out of their houses in the morning. I see that they are always escorted out, so that there is some one to watch them Neno Terziyski also said.

The family had an idea to move to live in another city, but still the great champion did not want to give up. “Every patience has its limits, but some scoundrel cannot determine the way of life of my family. If I have to, I will go on national television and give publicity to the case, because this is not the way to live anymore. We are taking cases, that’s it recently my wife and her friends testified but the whole court system is so slow… The other case isn’t until November 14th when he and his witnesses will be heard.But until then a lot of bad things can happen god forbid “, added Neno Terziyski.