Myles Garrett close to missing the NFL season

The Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrettcould miss much of the season after this day It was confirmed that he suffered a shoulder and biceps strain along with multiple lacerations. after the vehicular accident he suffered on Monday.

The three time Pro Bowl and a fundamental piece in the defense of the Ohio team, had a mishap after Monday practice where he overturned his vehicle. Despite how cumbersome the image looked, the player was conscious and wearing a seat belt, which prevented both him and his companion from suffering further damage.

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After several tests He was discharged at night, however, this afternoon the player was again evaluated by the team’s doctors and found the lesionsso they gave it to the Browns through a statement

Following today’s medical evaluation, our team physicians at University Hospitals have concluded that Myles has sustained a sprained shoulder, strained biceps, minor lacerations, as well as some bumps and bruises to other parts of his body. Myles did not suffer any fractures and also approved concussion protocol,” said Andrew Berry, executive vice president and general manager of the Browns.

Myles Garrett has 61.5 sacks in 71 games and he only needs just one more sack to become the team’s all-time leader.