Mysterious bites in nightclubs in Nantes, Rennes, Béziers or Grenoble

Like every Thursday, this April 14, it’s student night in Grenoble. Zoë Stoppaglia finds some friends in a bar, which opens at 10 p.m. She drinks a glass as soon as it opens. Dance, talk. A usual evening for the young woman of 20 years. But around 1 a.m., the student in her second year of a biology license suddenly felt very bad. She goes out to smoke a cigarette. A black veil suddenly obscures her vision, then her legs give way, to the point that she ends up sitting on the sidewalk. Nothing to do with alcohol, she only drank this glass when she arrived several hours ago.

Beside her, on the ground, a young man recounts the same symptoms. They tell themselves that they must have been drugged and go to the emergency room. The analyzes came back quickly, negative for GHB, nicknamed the “date rape drug”.

In the night, a pain radiates the right leg of Zoë Stoppaglia, going up to the buttock. His doctor discovers the next day a trace of an injection on his right buttock. The student files a complaint, and returns to the hospital for new analyzes – still in progress. Post-HIV exposure treatment follows – ” in case “ – which she does not support well and ends up stopping a few days later, with the agreement of the nurses who follow her. “They told me the risk was very low, and the side effects were too heavy for me. » It remains to wait for the results of further toxicological analyses, and to repeat an HIV test in a few weeks to be completely reassured. “Even if everything comes back negative, I will always wonder if I was injected with something. And what ? »

Neither GHB nor toxic product

Zoë Stoppaglia is far from the only one to relate such an evening. In recent weeks, complaints from women and men recounting having been victims of a sting in a bar, a nightclub, a concert, have multiplied everywhere in France. Without any suspect being arrested for the moment nor any toxicological analysis revealing any injected product. However, several are still ongoing.

In Grenoble, twelve people – men and women – filed a complaint, claiming to have been victims of discomfort after having received an injection during parties in establishments in the city or its outskirts. Fifteen reports of bites have also been recorded in Rennes since December 2021; three women filed a complaint in Toulouse for acts committed on the nights of April 15 to 16 and April 22 to 23; nine cases were reported and four complaints filed during the Printemps de Bourges festival. The four public prosecutor’s offices, like others, have opened an investigation for “administration of a harmful substance”.

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