Mysterious Blood Splatter in North Arlington, NJ Parking Lot – NBC New York

NEW JERSEY – Several vehicles in a New Jersey municipal parking lot were found splattered with blood in a scene almost straight out of a movie, but the bigger question remains unanswered: where did all the blood come from?

The hoods of a silver Honda and a white Mercedes were splattered with blood in the North Arlington municipal parking lot on Ridge Road.

The owner of the Honda told our sister network News 4 New York on Thursday that no one told her what happened and that her car had been parked in the same spot since 3:30 pm Wednesday.

“I just want to take my car to the car wash right now,” he said.

Police arriving at the scene Thursday morning found multiple cars in the parking lot with varying amounts of blood, but even after hours and hours of combing the area, they told NBC New York they still didn’t know whose blood it was. or what happened.

There was no visible damage to the front of the white Mercedes, which was also searched for fingerprints. Police said there were no reports in the city of pedestrians or animals being hit by a vehicle, making the blood even more of a mystery.

There were apparently no cameras or witnesses to what happened overnight that left cars splattered and a pool of blood on the sidewalk in the middle of a busy stretch of highway.

By noon, police and sheriff’s deputies gathered what evidence they could, and the city’s fire department hosed down the sidewalk and parking lot floor. It was reopened to pedestrians soon after.

There are apartments above the shops, but police said no one has come forward to say if they saw or heard anything.

Anyone with information on what may have happened is asked to contact North Arlington Police.