Mysterious doppelganger murder in Ingolstadt – that’s the status of the investigation

Flowers, candles and pictures lie on a tree near which a female body was discovered in a car on August 17.

© Peter Kneffel / picture alliance

The mysterious doppelganger murder in Ingolstadt is set to become the most shocking yet spectacular crime of the year. After an intensive search for the murder weapon, the police have now given an update on the current status of the investigation.

Ingolstadt – A young woman was found dead in a car in Ingolstadt, covered in stab wounds. Everyone thinks it is the 23-year-old owner of the car. Even her parents, who discovered the body, mourn the death of their supposed daughter. Only during the autopsy does it turn out that the victim is not the car owner at all, but just looks exactly the same.

Suddenly the suspect is targeted by the investigators, is considered an urgent suspect. The police immediately start looking for her and are able to arrest the German-Iraqi a short time later. A Kosovar of the same age is arrested with her. The man is believed to be her accomplice.

The reasons for the cruel crime are completely unclear. It is speculated that both women were in love with the same man and that the German-Iraqi eliminated her adversary in order to secure the favor of her adored man. However, the Kosovar is said to have harbored feelings for the alleged perpetrator. Therefore, it does not explain why he should have assisted in the deed if her aim was to gain an advantage with another man. Investigators are still puzzling over the motive.

Police officers are searching a wooded area near which a female body was discovered in a car.

© Peter Kneffel/dpa

The intense search for the murder weapon was originally intended to shed some light on the matter. In fact, several knives have been seized in the past week that fit the spectrum of possible murder weapons. But now disillusionment. As a police spokesman announced on Wednesday, the murder weapon is probably not among the knives collected near where the body was found. So the search will continue.

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So far it is only known that the dead doppelganger was also a 23-year-old woman from the Heilbronn district. According to the police, the investigations are currently primarily focused on the course of the crime of the two suspects.

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