Mystery of the submarine Danish : a saw drafted by the investigators

Mystery of the submarine Danish : a saw drafted by the investigators


U does saw has been dredged up by investigators in denmark. It could have been used to dismember the journalist Kim Wall, whose body was found after his reporting aboard the submarine,, Peter Madsen.

investigators danes announced that they have made a discovery crucial on Thursday 12 October. They have recovered a saw, 50 km from Copenhagen in the area where the trunk and the head of the journalist Kim Wall had been found last October 6. This tool is under analysis to establish a possible link with the mystery of the submarine Danish.

The journalist Swedish Kim Wall had disappeared in August after his story on the inventor of a submarine,, Peter Madsen. Despite the progress of the investigation, the suspect still refused to cooperate with investigators, according to the statements of the prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen. He proclaimed his innocence, despite a substantial body of evidence to support.

A freelance journalist rescued in pieces

The autopsy of the trunk, and recovered eleven days after the mysterious disappearance of the young woman, had not been possible to establish the cause of death, according to France TV Info. Multiple mutilations had been inflicted on the genitals of the victim.

This independent journalist 30-year-old had taken the August 10, aboard the Nautilus with Peter Madsen, the designer and owner of Danish of the submersible, in the context of a story. Kim Wall had collaborated with The Guardian and the New York Times. A graduate of the School of journalism in Columbia, she was based in New York and China.

The Nautilus named after the submarine imagined by Jules Verne, was launched in 2008. With 18 meters long, it was at the time the largest private submarine in the world. Charged with murder and harm to the integrity of a corpse and jailed for the August 11, Peter Madsen, 46 years old, says that the body of the journalist was intact when he was thrown overboard.

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