Mystery of the Wuhan Institute near the virus outbreak

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It can be just a coincidence.

But the deadly coronavirus outbreak that is now sweeping the world began 30 km from China’s most advanced viral research laboratories: the Wuhan Institute.

The Washington Times Former Israeli intelligence officer Dany Shoham said the Wuhan Institute of Virology is part of a secret biological weapons program.

“Certain laboratories in the institute have probably been dedicated, in terms of research and development, in Chinese (biological weapons), at least collaterally, but not as a main facility,” he said without corroborating evidence.

Shoham says he was a Lieutenant Colonel of Mossad specialist in biological and chemical warfare. But so far he is the only apparent expert in making that link.

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Similar stories have begun to circulate in China.

Only there, the claims, which are not censored under China’s strict information management regime, claim that the virus is the result of a germ war conspiracy from the United States.

“There is no evidence that it was a biological weapon, and any claim that it intentionally disseminates erroneous information and is incredibly irresponsible,” warns MIT security studies professor Vipin Narang.


China is already accused of violating international treaties and participating in the investigation of biological weapons.

“The information indicates that the People’s Republic of China participated during the reporting period in biological activities with possible dual-use applications, which raises doubts about its compliance with the BWC,” warns the annual report of the US State Department. UU. 2019 on compliance with the China arms treaty.

“The United States has compliance issues regarding the research and development of toxins from Chinese military medical institutions due to possible dual-use applications and their potential as a biological threat.”

But Professor Narang doubts that the 2019-nCoV virus is a biological weapon that has escaped: “It would be a terrible biological weapon due to the recoil. A good biological weapon, in theory, has a high lethality but a low, not high, communicability ”.

Australian defense analyst Dr. Malcolm Davis tweeted: “I am not convinced that there is still evidence to support the theory that this BL-4 R&D facility in #Wuhan is responsible for the #coronavirus outbreak. However, its Proximity is interesting.

“If the evidence stood out to support such a theory, then yes, but so far, none has done so. The virus is more likely to jump from an animal to humans in Wuhan markets. “

Biological warfare has reappeared on the radar of military analysts since the advent of CRISPR gene splicing technology. It is now more possible to manipulate and manufacture biological processes than ever.

And given that technology has become relatively cheap and common, the Director of National Intelligence of the USA. UU. James R. Clapper declared in 2016 that genome editing had become a global danger.

The adviser to the international group of experts RAND and former deputy secretary of science and technology in the United States, Daniel Gerstein, painted a clear picture: “They could, for example, change a strain of non-pathogenic and less dangerous anthrax in a highly virulent way by altering the genome or recreating pathogens such as the deadly smallpox virus, which was eradicated in the wild in 1980. Or they could develop specific weapons that target individuals or even entire races: with proper manipulations, one could make a pathogen has a greater invasiveness or virulence in a target population. “

Scandal and suspicion

It is easy to suspect suspicion at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

It is only a few suburbs from “Ground Zero”, the wholesale seafood market in Huanan.

The site of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is also one of the few facilities worldwide declared publicly as carriers of level 4 pathogens (P4). That means that it has the strict quarantine standards necessary to study the deadliest diseases in the world.

A second facility in Wuhan, the Wuhan Biological Products Institute, was declared as one of eight research facilities under the Biological Weapons Convention that China signed in 1985.

But Beijing’s willingness to turn a blind eye to an unethical CRISPR investigation was highlighted when He Jiankui announced that he had genetically edited babies. Similarly, a researcher based in the USA. UU. He announced last year that he had produced a mono-human hybrid embryo in China to avoid “legal problems” elsewhere.

Russia is also engaged in similar investigations. And Japan has lifted its ban on human-animal hybridization.

However, Beijing has specifically highlighted biological research as a national strategic priority.

The president of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, He Fuchu, said in 2015 that biomaterials were the new “strategic command heights” of the war. Now he is the vice president of the Academy.

And, in 2017, retired Chinese general Zhang Shibo wrote in his book The new highland of war that “the development of modern biotechnology is gradually showing strong characteristic signs of an offensive capacity.” This includes the potential for “specific ethnic genetic attacks.”


Initial indications are strong that China’s biological warfare link is reckless.

Two of the first promoters of history, the Washington Times ” Bill Gertz and twitter news aggregator @IndoPac_Info, have an established history.

In November, both repeated claims of an underwater nuclear explosion in the South China Sea.

No such signature had been registered in seismic sensors. No radiation peak was recorded.

That story finally goes back to the claims made by the Hal Turner radio show – An American political site of the extreme right regularly accused of creating false news and conspiracy theories.

Similarly, the blog Zero Hedge, heavy in conspiracy theory and promoting pseudoscience, has recently attempted to link the arrest of Chinese citizens on espionage charges in Canada with the outbreak.

It’s just one of several stories that circulate on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that claim that the virus was made in a laboratory.

“This coronavirus that is sweeping China, and that has now spread to other countries, including the United States of America, is actually a biological attack that is being perpetrated in the United States and other countries,” proclaims the conspiracy theorist in series David Zublick out of breath in a video. However, he does not present evidence to support his case.

Other stories of panic, including the fact that the 2019-nCoV has been patented since 2015, have been easily denied.


Chinese “bat soup girl” breaks her silence

But the struggle of credible and accredited researchers to understand the 2019-nCoV virus indicates, at this stage, that it is 96 percent compatible with a wild bat coronavirus.

Its similarity with the SARS virus that scared the world in 2003 stood at 79 percent.

Then, the chances that he has made the transition to humans through means such as bat soup seem to be the most likely scenario.

What makes this particular virus so threatening is its ability to infect others from guests who still do not show symptoms of the disease.



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