For some time, Hyundai has accustomed us to presenting the most sporty versions of its tourism models with the signature of its N division, a letter that is a distinctive feature of both sportiness and a certain exclusivity.

The commercial strategy – which all the brands are using, in a way, in some way – has paid off. But Hyundai’s marketing managers wondered if this same strategy could work with their SUV range. In fact, some ‘premium’ brands have taken this step. So they asked their N Performance division to study what could be done with a Santa Fe, not so much in search of an N version as in offering customers an on-demand customization option.

The result of the work is the Santa Fe ‘Customizing Show Car’, a rolling prototype where all the possible parts are collected that allow giving the Santa Fe a new appearance that will prevent us from going unnoticed.

The elements are traditional. New deeper front bumper, a black grille grille with copper accents, a two-piece roof spoiler, new rear bumper, carbon fiber diffuser, four exhaust outlets and 21-inch wheels.

And the interior has also been redesigned to match: carbon fiber trim, new steering wheel, new door panels and sport seats in both rows, as well as Alcantara upholstery. And as elements additions, LED interior lighting, a ‘pet pack’, infotainment systems behind, various rubber mats, as well as other accessories from the TUIX range.

Higher benefits? Hyundai doesn’t seem to think about it. It is true that a powered Kona that could represent an N version has been seen at the Nürburgring recently, but this does not seem the way of this Santa Fe. I would say that in this case for the Santa Fe it has followed the philosophy that BMW does with its versions’ M Pack ‘, which do not adopt an inspired or traced silhouette in the M versions but without entering mechanical modifications.

At the moment, special pieces are limited to the Korean market, but we would not be surprised if the offer was quickly expanded to other markets. The style is, of course, suggestive.

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