Nabilla Benattia dances at Coachella and falls into the water … it’s VERY funny


After posing with the stars, Thomas Vergara’s fiancée lived a cult moment that she was eager to share with her fans on Twitter. Nabilla Benattia fun at Coachella. Currently in the United States to attend the festival that started this weekend, she meets many international stars. Since Friday, the pretty brunette reveals clichés at the most popular parties. Because the young woman is visibly invited everywhere and does not miss an event. After showing her sexy red dress at a pool party, Nabilla took the pose with the bomb Emily Ratajkowski or the famous heiress Paris Hilton. Photos that have largely made the buzz on social networks. ⋙ Nabilla announces her marriage with Thomas: “I’m so happy” This Sunday, April 15th, Nabilla shared a video wink on Twitter that will make his subscribers smile. On the sequence, she dances on the edge of the water. Not realizing she is swaying too close to the edge, Nabilla Benattia falls into the water … With a lot of self-deprecation, the young woman comments on her fall: “I did not want to, but I assume …” She then accompanies her message with hashtags “At the end of my life” and “Coachella Vibes”. An embarrassing moment that the starlet has finally shared on the social network and who is likely to have a lot of fun for his fans. I did not want but … I assume ??? #Auboutdemavie #Coachellavibes – Nabilla Benattia (@Nabilla) April 15, 2018


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