Nabilla mourns, she sends a tender message of support to her grandmother Livia

Nabilla mourns, she sends a tender message of support to her grandmother Livia

This Wednesday, June 14, Nabilla announced on social networks the death of his grandfather Michel. Grieved by grief, the young woman sent a nice message of support to Livia, her adorable grandmother. Habitually, Nabilla raise the temperature with many pictures of his holidays in the four corners of the world but also with his choice of outfits for various occasions . But this Wednesday, June 12, the young woman provoked a wind of panic on the Web by posting a disturbing message on social networks . ” Today nothing will ever be like before », She wrote on her account Twitter , adding a sad smiley. Some words that let guess that the darling of Thomas Vergara , in full preparations for their future marriage , was living a very complicated moment. >>> VIDEO Nabilla back in Touch not to my post? Discover his answer In the evening, Nabilla ended up breaking the silence and answered the worried netizens in his story Instagram . ” My grandfather, my beloved grandfather, I will never forget you. I know you look at me from above and protect me. You will stay in my heart forever, you taught me to stay strong and I will do everything to make you proud. And know that we will take good care of your half, even Livia. I love you my grandfather of love, rest in peace . “, She wrote on a photo of his grandfather Michel . Devastated by the disappearance of the man who has “Educated, educated, loved and always supported” , the pretty brunette must however be strong to support another person dear to his heart. I think you understood it, I lost my grandfather yesterday, he raised me educated and loved always supported, he had replaced my father and he was an exceptional being but life is so made and I I have to accept the decision of God. – Nabilla Benattia (@Nabilla) June 14, 2018 Michel was the husband of the irresistible Granny Livia revealed to the general public in the show Hello Nabilla . Full of life and seizing his keyboard to defend his beloved granddaughter at the slightest opportunity, she rendered tribute to his late husband in a heartbreaking message. “There was a secret island paradise that we believed to be eternal, where we were ALL to recharge our batteries. A hurricane destroyed it. Michel we are struck down. You are forever in our hearts. ” can we read on the social network. And Nabilla does not intend to let her grandma cross this terrible ordeal alone. “I will always be here for you, we will be strong and welded. Life is sometimes very hard. I love you. ” she replied. And if for the moment the pain takes everything in its path, love always wins. I would always be there for you we will be strong and welded and overcome. Life is sometimes very hard. I love you ??? – Nabilla Benattia (@Nabilla) June 14, 2018

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