Nadal, Djokovic… It’s over for them

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Rafael Nadal was knocked out in the second round of the Australian Open while Novak Djokovic is still in contention to win his 22nd Grand Slam. These two players have largely dominated the ATP circuit for many years but for John McEnroe, it is time to make way for the talented new generation, too often in the shadow of the legendary Big 3 completed by Roger Federer.

If Novak Djokovic is still the most impressive player on the circuit ATPhe is the last of the Big 3 has yet to embody this domination. Last September, Roger Federer was retiring, leaving a unique legacy in the history of tennis. Alongside, the repeated injuries of Rafael Nadal question, and the Spaniard was eliminated in the second of the‘The Australian Openhampered by his hip injury. John McEnroe believes that it is time to turn the page and highlight the young players, whose talent is overflowing.

“We must value today’s champions”

In comments reported by We Love Tennis, John McEnroe believes that there is still too much of a tendency to talk about Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal et Novak Djokovic : « You can’t deny that Alcaraz has charisma, you can’t deny that Kyrgios has it too, and look at Rune, he’s scared of nothing. It is clear that we must encourage tennis players to express themselves…

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