Naima Akef in memory of her death: 10 Information about “Lalibu” Egyptian cinema


Al-Hayat has only given her 37 years, but stardom is 33 years old, and Halibu is still the Egyptian cinema Naima Akef , Is present in the heart of Arab art lovers, as a very special case, combining dance, circus, singing, acting, light blood and authentic oriental beauty. On the anniversary of her death, April 23, “Madam” presents you with 10 information that reveals how Naima made her own short- . Naima Akef was born on October 7, 1929, to find herself among monsters, animals and acrobats. She had to cuddle everyone in the circus her father inherited from her grandfather. Before just three years, she was a friend of everyone in the circus. In her fourth year, Circus without rival.

Naima Akef

When she was six years old, she felt her starhood and asked her father to give her a salary. Otherwise, she would look for another circus to work in. The father’s response was hot, and the next day she collected her clothes and ran off in the street. Fleeing from her family, they carried her on their shoulders and returned, and threatened to run away again, her father decided to allocate a salary of a daily Qrshan if the circus works, and one penny in the case of unemployment and long leave. In the circus Naima Akef received a small game that changed the course of her life. She was surprised before her seventh year as a rural woman. She asked her to meet her and presented her with an elegant box. She said to her: “Sir Albeh sold you the gift.” Naima could not refuse the gift. I opened the box and found a bride with five keys, each key has a dance different from the dance of the other key, and the more you turn the key played beautiful oriental music, and danced by the bride wonderful dance, and heard Naima of the time, that the best dancer in all of Egypt is a Sunni Shikabum, On her head, “Shika Bum” and when she was unique to her bride imitate her dance, And so she learned to dance, and in one of her vacations, her father surprised her as she danced and shikabum in front of her playing the music and swaying with the melodies, he took out his gun and shot the bride and smashed it. The father did not shoot the puppet only, but the entire family, when he bet on everything he had on the gambling table, circled the circus and found Naima herself with her mother and her sisters in the street, especially as the father married at the same time from another woman.

Naima Akef

In order to escape the specter of hunger, the mother found only exploiting the talents of her daughter, and began to introduce the paragraphs of the tumblers, but in the street in an unprecedented incident in Cairo, until the artist Ali Al-Kassar ordered them to agree with Naima to work with him and her sister in his group, And impressed by the performance of the attention of all, what prompted the dancer Badia Mesabni to use in her group for 15 pounds. Naima caught the attention of director Ahmed Kamel Morsi, introduced her as a dancer in Six House, and was the start of her film debut with “Living and Salt.” In 1949, Naima won her first film tournaments through the film “La Halibu”, after the director Hussain Fawzi was enthusiastic about her talent. In 1950, she participated in the film “Baba Ares”, the first film of its kind in Egyptian cinema, . In 1953, the filmmaker Hussein Fawzi moved to Naima Akef and married her. When she moved to her husband’s luxurious villa and gave her a luxury car, she asked for something else, to compensate for her loss of education, and to use teachers who received lessons in Arabic, English and French. .

Naima Akef

The success of the film was not enough. She accepted the request of director Zaki Tulaimat for her appointment as a folklorist in 1956, and flocked to Operetta Ya Lail Ya Ain. Naima Akef was named best dancer in the world at the 1958 World Youth Festival in Moscow. Fifty countries participated in this festival, and then honored the Soviet President Nikita Khrushchev and ordered the creation of a statue that still adorns the Bolshoi theater so far. On April 23, 1966, her soul was flooded after a journey with the disease, where she suffered a stomach hemorrhage and was taken to the hospital, where she remained for more than a month and then improved her health. She returned to her home, but the disease came back again and she decided to travel abroad for treatment abroad. She had no health after her condition deteriorated seriously and abruptly. Naima Akef died in the custody of her second husband Salaheddin Abdul Alim. She has a son, Wahid. She is only 37 years old. She participated in the twenty-five films of the most successful “Halibu” And “four daughters and an officer”, and “pass henna”.

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