Nainggolan again shares his unvarnished opinion: “Den Björn ruined it there”

Interviewing Radja Nainggolan, it is and remains an experience. Even after the match at KV Oostende (1-2), the veteran of Royal Antwerp FC again sprinkled with some striking remarks, without sparing his teammates.

Nainggolan certainly did not finish his best game on the coast, but was eventually allowed to add an assist, his very first in the Jupiler Pro League moreover. It turned out to be a stroke of luck. “I actually wanted to shoot, but I hit him badly”, Nainggolan laughed at the end The newspapaer. The images show how Il Ninja into the ground, after which the ball rolled to Michael Frey. That finished him off nicely in one time.

So it was a stroke of luck, although Nainggolan couldn’t resist giving a little sneer to his colleagues. “I should have had six or seven assists already, but the teammates didn’t finish it. Then I’d rather hit the ball badly and they finish it,” he grinned.

Nainggolan himself could have appeared on the scoreboard as well. Twice a rehearsed corner kick led to a shooting opportunity for him. Nainggolan thanks assistant coach Maxime Biset for that, “although his sessions can sometimes take a bit long”, it sounds. Afterwards, Björn Engels also got a wipe out of the pan. “The first flies just wide and with the second, Björn ruins it”, he concludes in a familiar style.

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