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Naked Angelique Boyer in her new novel has caused furor – People en Español

That his body full of curves is the most admired is nothing new. His poses in bikinazo this summer have earned him endless compliments more than deserved. But this time Angelique Boyer takes off her clothes for work and does it in Amor a muerte, the Univision series that is sweeping.
                One of the characteristics of this story is precisely the originality of records and news in its content. The relationship between Leon and Lucia has the audience with a thousand hearts and no wonder, the sparks between them surpass the screen and every day is an adventure full of passion.
                One of those momentazos has been precisely the nude of the actress in one of his fiery scenes. Sebastián Rulli's girlfriend gives us a scene full of eroticism where she drops her towel while going to the bathroom thinking about her lover.
                While she reveals her sensual back, the character of Michel Brown does the same in the bathroom of his home. A scene of the most subidita tone where both protagonists remember the passionate kiss that occurs in one of the star moments of the novel.
                Written by the great Leonardo Padrón, Amar a Muerte promises to offer more ratites so full of strength, love and sensuity, three ingredients that have hooked the audience since the first episode. Congratulations to all the team for so much talent and enthusiasm in this project!


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