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Naked Australian beach guests in trouble after meeting deer

by archyw

Two Australian sunbathers got into trouble yesterday afternoon when they lost their way naked in the wilderness. Agents managed to find the two, but also immediately handed out a fine – for violation of the corona rules.

The men, aged 30 and 49, were baking on a beach in the Royal National Park, south of Sydney. When they were startled by a deer, they fled into nature in panic and got lost.

Around 6 p.m., one of the men called the police for help. Due to the deployment of eighteen rescuers, ambulances and a police plane, the men were quickly found. One of them only had his backpack with him, the other was “partially dressed”.

Idiots who should be ashamed of themselves

In a press conference, the police commissioner called the two head-shaking idiots who should be ashamed of themselves. “It happens far too often that we have to take action for people who don’t have proper clothing, footwear or equipment for the… bush.”

In addition, he added, sunbathing is not a good reason to break the strict corona rules in place in Sydney. After an outbreak of the delta variant of the virus, the metropolis is back in lockdown. The men were therefore fined 650 euros.

A total of 44 fines were issued yesterday for violation of the corona rules. Added to this was another for a confused man who interrupted the press conference where the numbers were announced: he shouted that he was the Supreme Creator of the earth, but according to the police that was not a valid reason to leave his home.

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