Naked, dripping with blood, Kylie Jenner reveals a gory video for Halloween

Pregnant with her second child, the businesswoman shared a video in which she appears naked, her body covered in blood. Shocked, Internet users strongly criticized what is, above all, an advertising campaign.

“Diabolical”, “satanic”, “to vomit” … For 24 hours, messages have continued to flow on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account. The object of disgust? A video showing the young billionaire naked, her body covered in blood, all to disturbing music. “Can you guess who we collaborated with this year for Halloween?” Asks the designer of Kylie Cosmetics?

Satan, Tampax, du ketchup…

“Satan, the devil, the Illuminati”, Internet users answer him, shocked by the images. “Scream, Tampax, Heinz Ketchup, Carrie, Freddy Krueger (two characters from horror films, Editor’s note) ”, comment on the most mocking. “Looks like the first day of my period,” wrote another. Despite this bad publicity, the 24-year-old, pregnant with her second child, continued her teasing.

Kylie & Freddie

“Kylie X Nightmare On Elm Street, what a dream to collaborate with the horror icon! It’s happening in my stories right now! Launch 10.12 ”, she wrote in another post. Because it’s good to Freddy Krueger, iconic (and horrific) character of the film Claws of the night (Nightmare On Elm Street, in English) that the cosmetics designer has teamed up for the occasion of Halloween. Composed of a make-up palette and a blood-colored lipstick, the collection will be … all the rage, we imagine.

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