Naked in the sacred tree?… Dirty couple at risk of deportation from Bali

Russian influencer Alina Pazliva (center) and her husband Andrei Pazliv (left) attend a press conference in Denpasar, Indonesia, on the 6th, after being deported for taking nude photos inside a sacred tree on the Indonesian island of Bali. Denpasar = AFP Yonhap News

A Russian influencer couple were on the verge of being deported three years ago on the Indonesian island of Bali for taking pictures of them naked in a tree sacred to locals.

According to AFP news agency (local time) on the 6th (local time), Indonesian officials arrested Alina and Andre Pazliv, who were photographed naked on a 700-year-old banyan tree at the Babakan Temple in the Tabanan region of Bali. plan to be deported.

His wife, Alina, is an SNS influencer with over 18,000 Instagram followers. He went inside a tree at a Baba Khan temple last 2019 and photographed naked, and he also photographed his husband Andregai himself. At the time, Alina she shared the photo on Instagram, expressing that she “heard the voices of our ancestors (when in contact with the tree).”

The photo, taken three years ago, has recently become a hot topic again on Instagram, and the Bali community has expressed outrage. In Balinese Hindu culture, it is believed that all objects, including natural objects such as mountains and trees, have a deity.

An Indonesian businessman made a complaint to the police, and the Fazliba and the couple are being investigated by the police. Before appearing at the police, the couple found the tree neatly again, apologized, and asked for forgiveness from the residents, but it is said that they will not be able to avoid deportation. Bali Immigration officials said they were barred from entering Indonesia for at least six months and were required to follow local procedures to participate in the purification of the sacred tree.

In response, Alina posted an apology on her Instagram in English and Indonesian Bahasa, saying “I made a big mistake”. She continued, “There are many holy places in Bali, but not all of them have signs that say they are holy places. That was the case in this case as well,” she added. “It is very important to respect places and traditions.”