Naked man stabs himself in a square in Zaragoza, Spain

a naked man, 30, died after stabbing himself several times in a plaza from Zaragoza, Spain, before the gaze of dozens of several people and a group of policemen who came to help him, but could not do anything to save him.

According to local media, the events occurred on Tuesday morning when some people reported to the Zaragoza authorities about a man who was walking naked with a knife in his hand near the plaza Roma.

After the complaint, several elements of the Citizen Security Brigade of the Higher Headquarters of the Aragon Police went to the scene, which precipitated the decision of the naked man.

The witnesses narrated that the naked man got into the source of the plaza Roma in the center of Zaragoza and later stabbed himself when he saw that the policemen approached him to try to support him.

In a video shared through social networks, the moment when the man got into the fountain is appreciated, while the police wait for him outside, there the subject began to stab himself in the chest and abdomen until he fell into the water, which it was stained red.

When paramedics arrived at the scene, they could only confirm the death of the naked man, later, they activated the protocol for the removal of the body and that the authorities began the investigation.

Naked man who stabbed himself shocks Spain

In addition to the police, dozens of people observed the moment in which the

repeatedly stabbed himself to death in a plaza from Zaragoza, what caused a commotion in Spain and strong criticism of the local police.

Several citizens pointed out that the Zaragoza police did not act quickly to try to arrest the

on the contrary, they only limited themselves to observing it.

“No agent carried out any initiative with a view to arresting him, nor did they surround him from behind, nor did they even enter the water,” the Internet users reproached.

For their part, the authorities issued a statement, in which they explained that the police officers “complied with all operational protocols in these types of incidents and they acted in an impeccable way, ensuring that the situation did not get worse and guaranteeing the safety of the citizens and the agents themselves, although unfortunately, they could not do anything for the person who was self-injuring ”.