Named the danger of charging for the iPhone

Named the danger of charging for the iPhone

Experts have discovered a new danger for the iPhone X and iPhone 8, which may entail the use of a wireless charger.
So, wireless charging for gadgets can damage the device, because it leads to more battery wear than charging through a cable, writes ZDNet.
The author of the edition Adrian Kingsley-Hughes noted that within half a year his iPhone had completed 135 full cycles of charging. It was six months ago that Hughes began to use a wireless charger, and, as he claims, the battery of his gadget almost completely worn out.

Wireless charging for iPhone

At the same time, he did not specify which model is in question – the iPhone X or iPhone 8, but stressed that the battery of his previous iPhone 6 Plus after 800 charging cycles still has 80 percent of the original capacity.
In addition, Android phone users also experienced significant battery wear when using wireless chargers.
As reported by the “Observer”, experts of the Israeli company Cellebrite found a way, which helps bypass protection any smartphone from Apple.

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