Nancy. How a Simple Video Game Helped Police Track Down a Burglar

A gamer from Hautes-Alpes saved another player from suicide.  Investigators found him in Seine-et-Marne.
The man, a 42-year-old homeless man, robbed the victims’ home, located in Nancy, twice. (©jehuty18 / Fotolia / Illustration)

In May 2022, a burglar visits an apartment in Nancy. His loot: holiday vouchers and the house keys.

Three months later, in August, the individual recidivism. Thanks to the keys stolen during the first round, he enters as if nothing had happened within the dwelling, and leaves this time with gold jewelry and an thirty video games.

A cover catches his eye

Some time later, the victims’ child, a teenager, goes to a specialized shop in L’purchase and resale of video games. There, he sees games that strongly resemble to those who were stolen from him. A pouch, who has faults that he recognizes well, particularly attracts his attention.

Determined to get to the bottom of it, the young man bought then the game in question and launches it on its console.

The teenager regains his progress

When the game starts, the teenager regain progress using previously recorded data. In other words : he was right !

Put on the case, the property damage unit leads the investigation. The police contact the manager of the video game resale store and end up obtaining valuable information on the identity of the burglar.

A 42-year-old homeless man

Wednesday, September 21, a homeless couple was arrested in Nancy and placed in police custody. If the woman is cleared, the man, aged 42, is also suspected of having burgled two cellarsstill in Nancy.

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