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This year, in Nancy, Le Livre sur la Place, one of the biggest events which opens the start of the literary season, will be held under a new formula, in two weekends from September 11 to 20, 2020. The 42nd edition is sponsored by Leïla Slimani, Goncourt 2016, who will present her new novel, The Land of Others (Gallimard). It’s a completely free meeting with a taste of the fall literary awards news.

After the Stanislas Prize for the first novel, the Nancy-Le Point booksellers’ prices, and the Books and Human Rights prize, that of the Environment, La Feuille d’or, as well as the Goncourt award for biography-Edmonde Charles -Roux, Le Livre sur la Place innovates by highlighting another way of reading: audio-books. And launches The Ginkgo Audiobook Prize.

A different approach to literature

Even if it continues to conquer new readers, the industry remains unknown in the book market. “The audio book has long been a factor in providing access to literature for everyone, the workhorse of the Book in the Plaza, whether for convenience or the only access to reading for a hospitalized or disabled public”, say the organizers. And to add: “Now downloadable on our smartphones, the audio book also frees us from the lack of time to read by allowing us to listen to it while doing other occupations.”

The audio book is also a different approach to literature. Thanks to the talent of the interpreter, he can give access to the text while bringing keys of reading still unexplored. Hence the idea of ​​launching the Ginkgo Audiobook Prize. For this, Le Livre sur la Place joined forces for the first time with Louis Pasteur Santé to launch this brand new literary prize.

Chaired this year by the actor and theater director, Thibault de Montalembert, the “Prix Ginkgo” rewards the audio version of a contemporary French novel published during the first half of 2020.

Around Thibault de Montalembert, the jury is made up of seven personalities from the world of literature, the arts and the media, journalists and literary critics, actors, booksellers, authors: Mohammed Aïssaoui (Le Figaro), Nathalie Broutin (France Bleu), Bernard Lehut (RTL), Géraldine Pétry (Librairie Hall du Livre), Léonor de Récondo (author), Bruno Ricci (actor), Pascal Salciarini (L’Est Républicain), and Catherine Fulpin, director of the Clinique Louis Pasteur d ‘ Essey-lès-Nancy, surrounded by three members of the establishment’s staff.

The jury made its first selection and selected the following books and the actors who read them:

Jean-Paul Dubois, Not all men inhabit the world in the same way, read by Jacques Gamblin (Lizzie)

Jean Echenoz, Life of Gérard Fulmard, read by Dominique Pinon (Audiolib)

Patrick Modiano, Friendly ink, read by Denis Podalydès of the Comédie-Française (Listen to Read)

Daniel Pennac, The law of the dreamer, read by the author (Listen to Read)

Sylvain Tesson, The Snow Panther, read by Loïc Corbery (Listen to Read)

The name of the winner will be announced in early September. 300 copies of the book will be purchased by the patron, Louis Pasteur Santé.

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