Nantes. The start-up Lhyfe joins forces with the American Plug Power to produce hydrogen

Just a week ago, Gabriel Attal, the Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, visited the factory of Nantes entrepreneurs Lhyfe, in Bouin in Vendée.

“Green” hydrogen is produced there from seawater and wind power, and not gray hydrogen from hydrocarbons.

Develop production sites throughout Europe

The plant has been in operation since this summer. Lhyfe raised 50 million euros last July and has just sealed a partnership with an American, Plug Power.

He is a specialist in hydrogen fuel cells who notably installs refueling stations on the roads. This alliance aims to develop production sites throughout Europe.

“Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to rely on the cutting-edge technology of Plug Power to deploy numerous onshore and offshore hydrogen production sites, in Europe but also in North America, which has particularly important decarbonization needs,” in particular to replace fossil fuels in petroleum products ”, commented Matthieu Guesné, CEO and founder of Lhyfe, which today employs 60 people.


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