Naomi Campbell is criticized for photoshopping her own red carpet images (unsubtly).


While we mortals often envy top models like Naomi Campbell and how their bodies still look after fifty, things are apparently different for them. A new batch of photos Campbell posted on her Instagram page suggests that even the 52-year-old British model feels insecure about her looks.

Camille Van Puymbroeck

Friday, March 17, 2023 at 1:30 PM

Like every year, Naomi Campbell was also present at the Vanity Fair afterparty of the Oscars in Hollywood last Sunday. There, as usual, red carpet photos are taken of the attendees, who immortalize their look and outfit on the web. And those photos are often afterwards also by the celebs shared on social media.

Mission failed

So far nothing new, were it not that Naomi Campbell (52) decided to tinker with those photos. Not very subtle, because the originals are easy to find on the internet. This did not go unnoticed by her followers, who did not hide their displeasure. Although some also express understanding, pointing to the harsh beauty standards in the fashion world, especially for models.

What exactly does that snapshot look like? Well, the photoshopped version of the supermodel looks a lot different than her unphotoshopped self. Lines were blurred, her nose seems slightly smaller and – strikingly – her skin suddenly looks a lot lighter. Judge for yourself.

The edited version

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The original

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