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Napolean-Arsenal Tops / Flops: Lacazette's Shotgun, Ghostly Allan – Europa League

The superb Lacazette free-kick and the impressive solidity of the Gunners but also Allan's little game and the missed chances of Milik, find the tops and flops of this Naples-Arsenal.


Lacazette, the shotgun
He is the only scorer of this meeting on a free kick master he himself got (36e). Alexandre Lacazette was again in all good times Thursday in Naples. His stalls and displacements hurt the Italian defense. His technical quality also allowed him to combine in small spaces and allowed his team to come out more easily. The former Lyon thrives in London and it shows. He is also at the origin of the recovery that brings the opportunity of Aubameyang early in the second period. Full.

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The solidity of the Gunners
Complicated to leave a player more than another as the Londoners delivered a real collective benefit. The whole team worked very well, especially defensively sliding perfectly when the Neapolitan side made deep calls. Koscielny perfectly managed his flock defensively. Xhaka brought a real peace in the middle. Even Ramsey's wound exit did not change anything. Arsenal has shown unflinching strength.


Ghostly Allan
Where did the midfielder shine so much last fall in the Champions League? The Brazilian has disappeared from radar since his real-false transfer to PSG this winter and chained dull performances, both in the championship and European Cup. Essential link of Naples in the midfield, Allan crosses the matches like a ghost (19 balloons lost Thursday). Its impact and projection are clearly lacking to the dolphin of Juventus in Serie A.

Milik, missed opportunities
The Polish striker started away this time (replacing on the first leg). We waited for his quality of finisher. Even though he created situations, he harvested two great opportunities. In particular that of the 28e, while the score was 0-0, with a golden opportunity of the head. But Milik missed the frame. Bis-repetita in the second half with a huge miss after a center of Mario Rui (74e). At this level, it is expensive.

Neapolitans off-topic
Dominated on the first leg, the Italians have better approached the return match. But they showed big gaps in several areas as in envy, finishing (twenty shots, two shots) but also technically. The Neapolitans have been off-topic for weeks in Serie A and this has also been demonstrated in the Europa League as soon as the level has risen. A big disappointment for the men of Ancelotti who bets a lot on this competition.


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