Narbonne: the hospital does not know the fifth wave

In Narbonne, two people sick with Covid are currently in intensive care. On the vaccination side, the exhibition center vaccination center remains open for three more months.

The intensive care unit welcomes two Covid patients on the eight beds of this highly specialized service, a reassuring rate, compared to the increase in the number of people affected in the country.

The hospitalization service dedicated to patients with Covid, which had been specially fitted out on the ground floor, has not been reactivated, three people are currently being treated, following an admission due to the coronavirus. But the Covid service known as such at the time of the crisis not having been opened, they are treated in the general medicine service. In total, 5 “covid” patients in the east of Aude, that’s not much. “We are still out of step in Narbonne, explains the boss of the emergency department, Dr Alain Peret, head of the Medical Establishment Commission of the hospital. In summer, we were already in a Narbonne bubble: while elsewhere it was calmer on the virus front, with us it was intense. We have had a very tense period of the two summer months “

With 8 people hospitalized in intensive care in the Aude, it is therefore rather the west of Aude that is feeling this 5th wave, like our Catalan neighbors. Remember that at the height of the crisis, the hospital increased to 16 intensive care beds dedicated to Covid.

The exhibition center plays extra time

As for the vaccination center at the exhibition center, the closure initially scheduled for December 1 was postponed to the end of February, following the President of the Republic’s appeal for the 3rd injection of the vaccine. From December 15, the health pass will be conditional on the injection of a booster dose for people over 65, as well as people vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine. People aged 50 to 64 are currently encouraged to receive this 3rd dose, this possibility will be open from December 1st.