Narbonne: the House of Seasonal Work sets off on a summer tour

The itinerant truck of the Grand Narbonne House of Seasonal Work stops until August 30 in the coastal resorts to meet employers and employees to answer their problems.

After the seasonal employment Tuesdays organized from February to May, ahead of the season, the Greater Narbonne Seasonal Work Center is back on the road in the coastal resorts until August 30th. Objective : “inform seasonal workers and employers on everything related to seasonal life: employment, training, housing, transport, working conditions and health at work”, explains Fabienne Brun, administrative and project manager.

After Narbonne-Plage on July 25, the traveling truck stopped in downtown Narbonne, in front of Les Halles, this Monday morning. On this occasion, the sub-prefect Rémi Récio insisted on emphasizing the approach “innovative” of this initiative which is‘”move towards” people across the country.

Because, contrary to popular belief, the issue of seasonal employment does not only affect students. “This device is much broader, adds the state representative. It is aimed both at people looking for work or in professional retraining as well as retirees who want additional income. There’s also great connectivity with employers and whatever happens after the season is over. After the beach in summer, many seasonal workers work in ski resorts in winter, hence the importance of regional networking and long-term support”.

Next dates for the summer tour (from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.): August 9 at Port-La Nouvelle (Mouettodrome entertainment area – seafront); August 22 in Gruissan (forecourt of the convention center); August 23 in Saint-Pierre-la-mer (place des Vergnettes); August 29 in Narbonne-Plage (Terrasses de la mer) and August 30 in Port-Leucate (Espace Henry de Monfreid).