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The only two Colombians who were on the Orion V, the old ship intercepted last Tuesday in Spanish waters with 4.5 tons of high purity cocaine remain isolated in a prison in the Canary Islands.

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Federal investigators are sure they have information about the drug lords in Colombia who sold the drug. and the transnational mafia that paid to camouflage it in the midst of 1,740 export cows.

The ship fell into Spanish waters with more than 4.5 tons of high-purity cocaine.


Spain Police

The drug was disguised in dozens of bundles (packages), hidden in the feed of the cattle, which they had Beirut (Lebanon) as their final destination and the stamps ‘LV’ and a dragon.

According to the log, Live cattle were exported from Cartagena to the Spanish city of Ceuta (near the Strait of Gibraltar).to finally reach the Middle East, a journey of about 21 days, depending on maritime conditions.

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The Colombian Navy, which sent the alert about the poisoned cargo of the Orion V, ensures that the ship left Cartagena clean and was contaminated 64 miles from the Antilles Islands1,361 kilometers from the Colombian coast.

The cocaine would have been loaded at sea after leaving Cartagena.


Spain Police

the arab mafia

The drug was camouflaged among the cows’ food.


Spain Police

EL TIEMPO investigated and established that The so-called ‘narcovacas’ network has been traced for three years and involves powerful Arab and Colombian mafias, including ‘el señor’, a capo about to be extradited. It also includes dozens of companies established in Spain, Panama, Honduras and Colombia that serve as fronts to move illegal merchandise.

In addition to drugs and gold, they are using the export of live cattle and prime meat posts to deliver false Colombian identities –with original IDs and passports– in Turkey, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Palestine.

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“They have sent identity cards and passports hidden in export meat posts, with the complicity of local cattle ranches and textile companies that are opening in Colombia,” an intelligence officer who has been investigating the case since 2020 confirmed to EL TIEMPO.

Since that year, the CIA, FBI and DEA are investigating whether members of Hezbollah cells are receiving those documents.

Socrates and Honduras

In the case of the Orion V, the old ship with a rusty hull (flagged from Togon, West Africa) had been being monitored by US agencies since it was called Spiridon.

belongs to society El Murr y Jerro (Murr Shipping) that was established in Honduras in 2015. Its head is Fahed el Murr and its object: maritime transport of cattle specimens from Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay and from European ports to the Middle East.

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In 2020, Spanish authorities were alerted by the DEA that an organization that had already introduced drugs to Europe was going to make use of the Spiridon and Neameh vessels to traffic:

The Orion V ship, formerly called Spiridon.


Spain Police

“Both are loaded with a significant amount of cocaine. This information is being provided for police and judicial use and is highly sensitive,” the alert reads.

But the drug could not be found because several of the 4,000 cattle that were on the boats were dying or dead on their own droppings.

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Both ships had been docked in Colombian ports and just a few days ago, in Galicia (Spain), 3,824 kilos of cocaine had been seized on a ship called Karar. At the time, the DEA said the drug belonged to Colombian drug lord Sócrates Gabriel Barros, alias ‘Chun’, an indigenous leader from La Guajira.

The DEA in 2020, already had that the ships Neameh and Fm Spiridon came from Cartagena, on suspicion of drug trafficking.

‘The Lord’

Sócrates Gabriel Barros, alias ‘Chun’, was extradited to the United States in 2021.


‘Chun’ was extradited to the United States in 2021, but it is believed that the heads of the organization are alias “el señor” and Cristian Camilo Córdoba Cuestawho are prosecuted by an Eastern District Court of Texas.

Just 9 days ago, the Supreme Court asked the defense of Córdoba to present arguments before deciding whether to turn it over to the DEA.

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Cordoba, to whom the authorities point out that he is in charge of the maintenance of boats, he appears as the owner of ‘the Point of refrigeration minus zero’a company in Urabá that sells electrical appliances.

Another member of this cartel is the Warner Bros capo Benítez López who is credited with having delivered information on the Honduran mobster Sergio Neftalí Mejía Duartesentenced to life in prison in the United States.

Honduran mobster Sergio Neftalí Mejía Duarte was sentenced to life imprisonment in the United States.

“I lived with my compadre Neftalí in Honduras for approximately six to eight months. After that, I went to live alone in a city in Honduras, called La Ceiba, and I was the look and the right hand of Víctor Mosquera, who was sending the drugs to Honduras, from Colombia”, reads an investigation. to the capo before a Miami Court, known by EL TIEMPO.

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Benítez and Mejía met in Venezuela, where they trafficked cocaine with a man who poses as a businessman and who sent cocaine to Honduras and other Central American countries, from where they later They fed Mexican cartels such as Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán and Ismael ‘Mayo’ Zambada, in Sinaloa. In fact, Benítez himself assured before the Miami court that he had meetings with “El Chapo” in person.

‘Cow Frontier’

In the case of the Orion V, the Frontera Vacana company, which sold the 1,750 cattle, declared itself outside the case and announced legal actions against the transportation company.

Furthermore, he said that the export of cattle was made under the figure ‘Free on board’, which means that the responsibility of Frontera Vacana ceased from the moment the cattle boarded the ship.

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In any case, the authorities check the process and the partners of the firm, of Venezuelan origin.

Indeed, The company belongs to the conglomerate ‘Netrex Colombia SAS’ which includes the Venezuelan Raúl Andrés Orozco and his associates. In addition to Frontera Vacana, the companies Centro de Recría la Victoria SAS, Gyrlife SAS, Vacana Esperanza SAS, Comercializadora VL SAS and Agropecuaria La Vía Láctea belong to this group.

Venezuelan businessman Raúl Andrés Orozco, owner of Frontera Vacana.

The representative of the latter is Orozco and Rafael Boscán, a 27-year-old Venezuelan who previously owned a barbershop in Bogotá.

On the other side of the border, Orozco is known as ‘the gold sheikh’for being one of the main exporters of mental.

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EL TIEMPO called the representative of Frontera Vacana to find out who bought the cattle from her in Beirut and to clarify the alleged confiscation of 50 kilos of gold that came from Maracaibo to Aruba, linked to a company owned by Raúl Orozco. But he did not reply to the messages.

The investigation is just beginning.

Other mafia camouflages

The narco-submarine that went down in Spain was based on Giraldo’s technology.

A narco-submarine that had set sail from Brazil, with 3,500 kilos of pure Colombian cocaine, traveled for 21 days with three crew members on board until it reached Europe. Its seizure became a scandal in Spain due to the mafia’s technical capacity for these devices to travel long distances without being detected. But the dark ingenuity of these posters has gone further.

In the middle of last year, in the port of Cartagena, the Police seized three tons of liquid cocaine that was mixed between 38 tons of molasses extracted from sugar cane and organic fertilizer. who had arrived from Urabá in Antioquia. The final destination of the drug was Spain, the United States and Mexico, where they were waiting for the molasses for export.

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Also This type of cocaine has been detected in shipments of coconuts, in which the water is replaced by the narcotic. The way they mimic the drug makes it more difficult for it to be detected by canines and scanners. In the case of the ‘narcovacas’, the dung mimics cocaine.

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