Former representative Narden Jaime Espinosa will appeal the ruling of Judge Maria Ubarri, who decertified him as a candidate for mayor of Humacao in the special election to be held this Sunday.

Through his lawyer, José Ramón Castro Acevedo, Jaime Espinosa let him know that today he will present the appeal before the Court of Appeals.

“The determination that was made is that he will go to the Court of Appeals. It is working with the writing. It is going to file an appeal and a motion of jurisdiction to try to have the Court of Appeal accept the controversy and paralyze the determination of the judge ”said Castro Acevedo in an interview with The new day.

The lawyer said that a consequence of the legal appeal is the postponement of the special election held on Sunday, if the Court of Appeal welcomes the appeal it will present before 5:00 p.m. Thursday today.

"What he pursues with this is to take the controversy to the Court of Appeal," said.

“The possible scenarios would be for the Appellate Court to accept the appeal and paralyze. Within the paralysis could be stop Humacao primary. Another alternative is that for the imminent damage to the electors – which is above Mr. Jaime Narden to aspire – the Appellate does not decide to paralyze. The third scenario is that the Court of Appeal does not accept the appeal, ”explained the lawyer.

Jaime Espinosa was decertified after the Popular Democratic Party requested it to the Court of First Instance of Humacao under the argument, which was accepted by the judge, that he hid vital information from the Qualifying Commission of Aspirants that prevented him from being evaluated in a manner correct.

Specifically, the PPD maintains that they learned from a letter from the electoral comptroller that Jaime Espinosa is the subject of an investigation by the Department of Justice and other oversight agencies.



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