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Narro Robles: 80 thousand deaths from cancer in 2017

Cancer and diabetes mellitus are two of the main health problems in Mexico, says the Secretary of Health, Jose Narro Robles, who indicated that although in 2017 there were about 80 thousand deaths from the neoplasm, deaths from diabetes were they reduced.
In this regard, it revealed that 25% of all cases of diabetes mellitus in Mexico, which are mostly the result of high levels of overweight and obesity, detection is late and even many people are unaware that they suffer from it.
During the ceremony of the Awards of the National Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry (CANIFARMA) 2018 edition 44, Narro Robles announced that in addition to registering that number of deaths from cancer, around 200 thousand new cases were detected.
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Research, key against cancer and diabetes mellitus
According to preliminary figures of the INEGI, between 2016 and 2017 the growth of deaths due to diabetes slowed down, as they added a thousand deaths to those who usually register for this disease, and not the five thousand more that had been added every year.
In that sense, the Secretary of Health, José Narro Robles stressed that diabetes is "one of the big issues where we have to find different ways to address the problem", but "if we are not able to involve and interest the population in the change in their lifestyle, there will be no way ".
He also said that it is possible to advance in the control of diabetes mellitus, as shown by overweight, for example, in young men not only stopped their growth, but decreased.
The holder of Health that in addition to the participation of society, it is necessary to apply the results of basic, clinical and epidemiological research, which is why he recognized the work of UNAM, the research centers of CONACyT, the national institutes of health and the pharmaceutical industry.
For his part, the President of the CANIFARMA Board of Directors, Guillermo Funes, highlighted the importance of strengthening the link between the Mexican scientific community and the pharmaceutical industry.
He asserted that "research in development is the soul of the pharmaceutical industry", because through it, there is innovation, medicines, medical devices, among others.
In this regard, he indicated that 30% of the research in development together with the doctorates that are generated in Mexico are about health.

With information from the Ministry of Health


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