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NASA captures a fire? in the middle of the ocean

UNITED STATES.- NASA recently published a peculiar satellite image, taken on July 14, 2017 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean by the Suomi NPP satellite. In the photo, which shows a part of the ocean several hundred kilometers east of the Brazilian coast, you can see an isolated red dot that indicates that the marked area is unusually warm, also known as 'thermal anomaly'.

According to RT, the Infrared Visible Imaging Radiometer (VIIRS) of the Suomi NPP satellite, jointly operated by NASA and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, detects thousands of these anomalies every night. Most of them are caused by fires.

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"But, obviously, there is no fire in the middle of the ocean," Patricia Oliva, a scientist at the Universidad Mayor (Chile), who had participated in the development of a project, explained in a statement. Fire detection algorithm for the VIIRS.

Natural gas eruptions are sometimes marked by VIIRS, however, they only occur in shallow waters near the coast. Similarly, volcanic activity can be marked as an anomaly, but there are no volcanoes near the red dot on the map.

It turns out that the explanation is linked to a much greater mystery. "Almost certainly it's SAMA," Oliva said, referring to the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly.

SAMA is an area where one of the so-called van Allen radiation belts of the Earth It is closer to the surface, descending to an altitude of around 200 kilometers. These belts are areas of charged energy particles, most of which originate in the Sun, which are captured and maintained around the planet by their magnetic field.

The magnetic anomaly means that this region of the Atlantic and the satellites that pass over it are exposed to radiation levels above normal.



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