Those fans of ships or vehicles destined for space exploration will now have the opportunity to build a homemade version of the Rover Curiosity , using material easy to get, thanks to a guide published by the same POT .

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of the US space agency has provided instructions and plans for fans and students to build, as a project or hobby, a vehicle similar to the famous explorer of the planet Mars.

While the original rover Curiosity cost billions of dollars, the JPL It estimates that fans of robotics can make their own version for about $ 2,500 and its construction would take approximately 200 hours, according to the website Xataka.

This home model could not withstand the inclemencies of Mars, but it incorporates some designs of key functions of the Curiosity, including the steering of six tires and the suspension for rocky surfaces.

The suspension system keeps all the tires in contact with the ground at all times, while the vehicle is rid of obstacles.

In addition, the small rover uses a Raspberry Pi as a brain and can work with various devices, such as an Xbox controller or an Android application.

There is also some freedom for builders to customize their robot and make their own design decisions.

The instructions and the necessary parts are posted on GitHub with the name of JPL Open Source Rover (OSR).


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