NASA has created a necklace that will help in the fight against coronavirus

Although the subject of coronavirus, at least in Poland, has quieted down somewhat, the pandemic is still taking its toll. This means nothing less than the fact that we should observe the precautions used so far. I am thinking of both face masks, disposable latex gloves as well as social distancing and avoiding touching the face with your hand. While most of the recommendations are not particularly difficult to follow, it is not easy to master the reflexive combing of hair, scratching the forehead or wiping the corners of the mouth. NASA came up with the idea of ​​how to deal with it. Meet the Pulse necklace, which is to be a remedy for the last of the mentioned issues.

NASA is not just space flights. The agency also deals with smaller projects such as a necklace that helps in the fight against coronavirus.

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At the outset, I have to highlight one thing. NASA’s Pulse necklace is not exactly a necklace. In fact, this is a module, I will add – not particularly aesthetic, which we can, or even should, hang around the neck. We can do it with a thong, string or other element that allows you to place the necklace in the right place. Yes, the place of wearing it is crucial, because the range of the device is only 12 inches. The vibration alarm is activated as soon as we bring our hands to our heads. The more we shorten the distance, the stronger the vibrations. If you think this makes sense and you are thinking about buying Pulse, you must know something.

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Well, NASA Pulse can’t be bought just like that. The gadget is in vain to be found in stationary stores or on the Internet. The agency, however, allows you to download a CAD project to print the necklace on a 3D printer. Of course, absolutely free. Maybe it’s even better. Even if the equipment went to stores, we would rather not find it in Poland. The ability to download the design and list of necessary parts increases the availability of the described solution. However, NASA points out that the necklace is only intended to support other preventive measures and cannot fully replace them. You will find the necessary files and information on GitHub. (Https://

Source: Engedget, NASa, JPLraw



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