NASA Holds First Public Meeting on UFOs and Releases Video Footage

NASA held its first public meeting on the UFOsWednesday in Washington. Several experts followed one another and answered questions posed on the internet, on this subject which unleashes both passions and fantasies. NASA has also released for the first time a video on which we can see an unidentified flying object seen in the Middle East in 2022, sparking a multitude of reactions on social networks.

This footage shows a flying, metallic sphere, hovering at high speed and low overhead. If we take the scale of the houses it flies over, the sphere seems to measure about one meter in diameter. Even with a freeze frame, it’s impossible to tell if it’s a catapulted stone or a drone, or something else. This phenomenon remains unexplained until today. This video in any case puts fuel in the fantasy machine around UFOs.

Show that NASA hides nothing

NASA organized this meeting to show the public that it was hiding nothing and that, even if it has no explanation for this flying sphere, it does not in any way prove the existence of extraterrestrial life. A second video has also been released, in which three bright dots can be seen moving at the same speed across the sky. “We were all excited,” said the CNN news channel specialist in front of this enigmatic sequence. Except that it was actually planes in an air corridorwhose back and forth movements were caused by oscillations of the sensor itself, he explained.

A group of experts will issue a more detailed report this summer on what NASA now calls “unidentified anomalous phenomena”. The US Department of Defense claimed that some 800 unidentified aerial phenomena have been collected, of which “perhaps between 2% and 5%” only are “really abnormal.”

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2023-06-01 18:19:44

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