NASA is making final preparations for the test flight of its Starliner spacecraft

The US space agency NASA has revealed its cooperation with Boeing Company to make final preparations for the second unmanned test flight of the famous Starliner CST-100 spacecraft.

NASA confirmed through its team during its last meeting, according to a report published by Digitartlends, that the Starliner mission will be ready to launch on May 19.

The report continued that NASA and Boeing are in the process of planning the unmanned orbital flight 2 (OFT-2) test to the International Space Station (ISS), after a full day of briefings and discussions in the Flight Readiness Review phase that took place at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center.

In its latest update on its website, the famous airline Boeing confirmed that the mission comes in the wake of an already failed attempt to send the Starliner to the International Space Station in December of last year, due to problems in the spacecraft programs that prevented it from reaching the desired orbit. .

Not only that, and there was another attempt, according to the report, last August, but it also failed, after technical problems appeared and prevented the team from moving forward with the second launch.

According to the plan announced by the two companies, the Starliner will be launched from the Kennedy Space Center, on top of the United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket on the evening of May 19, with the vehicle arriving at the International Space Station after only 24 hours.

The companies plan to dock the spacecraft for 10 days at the station before returning to Earth in a parachute-assisted landing in New Mexico, while the spacecraft will transport hundreds of pounds of cargo to and from the space station as part of its mission.

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