NASA made a space-scented perfume and will sell it en masse

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In 2008, the American space agency hired chemist Steve Pearce to make this perfume. Finally, in 2012 he came to recreate the smell of space.

“It is a mixture of gunpowder, roast beef, raspberries and rum”Pearce, founder of Omega Ingredients, said. It was used to help astronauts get used to the aroma during training.

For many years, the project was a secret since the idea is that this fragrance is only used during the training of astronauts. However, NASA has changed its mind and wants to exploit the commercial grain of the product.

To increase his production he created a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. Once you raise the necessary funds, NASA will begin to mass-produce the “Eau de space” for the space scent jars to be sold worldwide.



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