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NASA Meteor: Australia hit by a fireball meteor with the power of an atomic bomb | Science | news

The incredible meteor lit up the night sky as he passed over the south coast of Australia on Tuesday, May 21st. According to the NASA Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the meteor entered the atmosphere at 11.5 km / s. The meteor then partially dissolved and landed about 300 km west-southwest of Mount Gambier in the waters of the Great Australian Bight Bay. However, before this happened, the fireball released enough energy in the sky to match a "small atomic bomb."

According to NASA, the meteor entered the atmosphere with a force of 1.6 kilotons or 1,600 tons of TNT.

Luckily, Professor Phil Bland of Curtin University said the space rock was blown up too high for the meteor to cause any significant damage.

In 2013, when a 20 m wide meteor exploded over the Russian Chelyabinsk region, more than 1,000 people were injured by blasted windows.

Professor Bland said, "It's within reach of a small nuclear weapon, and since it exploded at an altitude of 31.5 km, it did no harm."

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Shortly after the incident, eyewitnesses flooded the social media with photos and video clips of the fireball.

Lyall Furphy tweeted: "I got a great view of it when I went to Adelaide."

Alexandra Marshall tweeted, "This meteor came by to say hello! "To say and to remind us all that he has much larger siblings who take far less consideration for their landing opportunities."

And Melanie Remen, who recorded the meteor on video, tweeted: "Wow! One of our security cameras caught the Meteor in Adelaide on Tuesday night, evil! "

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In particular, a video shows a bright flash of light that turns night into day, above the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia.

Based on NASA's tracking systems, the fireball broke out at 14:21 British time or 23:21 South Australian time.

In the terrifying clip, a bright spot of light is seen, which grazes the sky and gradually gains in intensity.

When the fireball breaks out, a small dot of white-greenish light changes violently into a large orange flame ball.

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NASA aerospace engineer dr. Steve Chesley estimated that the meteor could be about as big as a small car.

However, the power to enter the atmosphere with "hypersonic speeds" would have resulted in the space rock collapsing and falling apart.

The meteorologist told ABC Radio, "You do not want it to land on your head, but it would not do any real damage on the ground."

"What people saw along the coast of South Australia was a spectacular light show, probably a very loud blast of sound that would rattle the windows. That was not big enough to break the windows, and then only small pebbles fell to the ground. The earth slows down very quickly and not at supersonic speed. "


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