NASA presents a rare scene to the planet Earth: NASA presents a rare scene to the planet Earth, we send you our visitors News News Today through our news site and start with the news NASA presents a rare scene to Earth.

The United States Space Agency (NASA) offered a rare image of the Earth during the rotation of the International Space Station (ISS) over 250 miles above Australia.

An astronaut aboard the space station photographed the picture on Oct. 7 and was published by NASA on its website last Tuesday.

The picture shows a rare phenomenon known as "air flare", a common line of light stretching from 50 to 400 miles in the atmosphere.

This phenomenon usually occurs when particles (mostly nitrogen and oxygen) are activated by ultraviolet rays from the sun's rays to release that energy. At the same time, atoms collide with the lower atmosphere and lose energy when the collision results in an "air flare".

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Source : Arabic Morning


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