NASA to explore Mars on first helicopter


«NASA» explore the flight on Mars with the first «helicopter», God willing and helped our dear and dear visitors in all parts of the Arab world to create the site Arab News News, which is the transfer of international news and Arab sports and technical and economic and other various news within the same news source, To be received with the attention and satisfaction of our dear Zacharna, which we always aim to satisfy in the framework of our policy which we have established and which we are keen to work in the context of delivering truth to the Arab reader in all parts of our Arab homeland, and start with the most important news today, N Sa »explores the flight on Mars first« helicopter ».” Thursday, May 17, 2018 2:54 pm, Arab News – Your way to the truth, NASA plans to send a small helicopter to Mars, to explore the future of aviation on the Red Planet, as part of a mission 2020 to place the probe, Insight, the next generation on its surface, for the first time the use of such aircraft. NASA will operate by remote control, designed to work in the Martian thin atmosphere with two revolving plates weighing about 1.8 kilograms with a body the size of a baseball ball. The fans of the aircraft rotate at about 3,000 lbs per minute , Which provides about 10 times the rate of helicopters on the ground, and will fly about 55 million kilometers of land, which is difficult to send remote control signals, and the aircraft contains solar cells to charge the batteries of «lithium ion», which operates and the heating mechanism to maintain The warmth of the plane at night, and launched «Al-Fada Agency NASA “on the vehicle” helicopter “and not« Dron »even though it works without a commander. The plane will reach the surface of Mars attached to the Insight probe, which is the size of a car, and after placing the aircraft on the ground, the probe will be paid to a safe distance to carry the orders. NASA called the small helicopter “heavier than the air,” because other types of flying objects that reached different planets were balloons and balloons. «Nasa» explore the flight on Mars with the first «helicopter», the fragrance of greetings, and the best of the dead, and all respect to you dear fans in the end Ali Hassan follow us, hoping to be good for us, and do not compromise your opinion in the above news through comments where Your comments are always important to us in the first and last place, and do not forget to follow us on the social networking pages of our site, the Arab News site, which is our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and to impress and follow up to reach you the latest political, economic, technical, sports, technical, health, beauty and high news. “NASA” is exploring Mars flight with the first “helicopter”. Arab News – NASA to explore Mars on first helicopter
Source : Egyptian today


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