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Home Tech NASA unveils new images of Jupiter

NASA unveils new images of Jupiter

NASA has revealed stunning images of the clouds of gas flowing and storms covering Jupiter, where the probe picked up the space agency Juno Images using the camera on board are known as JunoCam, Which was specifically designed to capture images of the polar regions of the planet in its quest for evidence on how to form the planet.

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It was launched Juno On 5 August 2011 before entering the polar orbit of the planet in July 2016, it was picked up JunoCam These close-up images of Jupiter's poles, as well as the covered clouds covering the gas giant, have been in recent months.

Buyer close-up
Buyer close-up

Jupiter is twice the size of all other planets in the solar system combined two and a half times. Experts are discussing whether the cloud cover hides a solid nucleus or that the planet is entirely composed of gases. The latest images are processed to form Jupiter's cloud by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. From the presence of many images of the planet's northern hemisphere, the new images show the southern hemisphere of the Jupiter planet, which is often filmed less.

Buyer's image
Buyer's image

The solar-powered spacecraft, which left Earth eight years ago, entered history by entering the orbit of Jupiter's history, where it launched a probe Juno Of NASA launched its main rocket engine at 4:18 am GMT (11.18 pm EDT) in 2011, slowing the speed from 165,000 mph (265,000 km / h) enough to drop it in a sweeping orbit About the planet.



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