NASA warns about this phenomenon on the sun that could cause a catastrophe

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Research shows that the number of sunspots was already relatively high in 2014 and for this 2020 are coming to their lowest level. Photo: Pixabay


Scientists of the NASA they warned that the sun is about to enter a phase that generates a low drastic temperaturethat could result in disasters at the global level, in addition to famine.

Specialists fear that the occurrence of the the phenomenon known Minimum of Daltonwhich occurred between 1790 and 1830 and left a brutally cold that led to a loss of culture and therefore to famine; in addition to volcanic activity.

According to NASA, we enter the solar minimum, phenomenon that occurs every eleven years, explosions of magnetic in the solar atmosphere, which light up the earth with flashes of x-rays and radiation ulravioletas.

Photo: Pixabay

Research shows that the number of sunspots was already relatively high in 2014 and for this 2020 are coming to their lowest level, which could explain the drastic changes in temperature.

During the solar minimum appear holes in its atmosphere, which creates wind currents. This effect lasts for more than six months and causes storm geomagnetic that are able to damage the systems of communication and navigation on earth.

It would also have severe snowfalls, damage to crops and quite volcanic activity.

So far this year, 76 percent of the time the sun has been without sunspots. Therefore, in the NASA monitor all day, because of staying low could have any catastrophe to humanity.


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