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NASA will launch a ship in 2021 to crash it into an asteroid

Although the threat of a huge asteroid impacting our planet is remote, POT He does not rule out this possibility and on some occasions he has expressed himself in this regard.

However, it seems that the US space agency decided to move from words to deeds, and now plans a planetary defense mission that will launch in 2021.

This mission is to launch a spacecraft to crash with the asteroid We decided, and in this way analyze how this rock body reacts after the impact.

The launch of the ship called DART It will take place during the month of July of that year, and the shock to change the orbit of the asteroid is expected to occur in September 2022.

This test will be NASA's first mission to demonstrate a planetary defense technique, and although Dydimos does not pose a threat to Earth, it will serve a case of real danger.

Scientists have been observing Didymos since Earth since 2015, and now, an international project coordinated by Cristina Thomas, of the University of Northern Arizona, is making critical observations using powerful telescopes around the world to understand the status of the asteroid system before the DART mission reaches it.

The research team will observe Didymos again from the end of 2020 until the spring of 2021.

Final land observations will occur as the spacecraft moves toward the asteroid, as well as after the impact occurs.

Scientists must also determine the composition of the asteroid, as they are not sure if DART will impact an object of solid rock, loose debris or something "softer".


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