NasDem Responds to PDIP’s Satire Comparing Anies Baswedan’s Leadership in Jakarta Vs Tri Rismaharini in Surabaya

Jakarta, – Deputy Secretary General of the NasDem Party Hermawi Taslim replied to the PDIP’s insinuation regarding the results of Anies Baswedan’s leadership in DKI Jakarta with the City of Surabaya during the era of Tri Rismaharini and Eri Cahyadi.

Hermawi assesses that Jakarta and Surabaya cannot be compared because they are considered not on the same level.

Because, according to him, DKI Jakarta is administratively registered as a province. Meanwhile, Surabaya is only a city.

Not you can compare the city of Surabaya and DKI as a special area, a province, it’s called unrelated,” said Hermawi when contacted, Tuesday (21/3/2023).

He also proposed cities in DKI Jakarta that would be suitable as a comparison to Surabaya.

“Surabaya can be compared with the Thousand Islands, with North Jakarta. If you want to compare, yes East Java with DKI, Anies with Khofifah. That’s new equal,” he said.